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By Fortesa Latifi

There is sadness that has been living in my bones longer than I’ve been walking upright.
Longer than the willow in the front yard has been weeping.
No one knows what it’s saying but it sounds a lot like prayer.
It sounds a lot like penance.
I am still hurting and I am still lying about it.
There is no soft way to say that sometimes I forget to breathe so I skip that and ask what’s for dinner instead.
I am still learning how to do the easy things like eat when I’m hungry and leave my bed every day.
I am still learning to twist my tongue around words that resemble the truth.
I am still falling asleep with hope suffocating between my clasped fingers.
I am still losing my mind over the moon.
I am still stepping around broken glass and thinking that counts as strength.
I am still hoping the world ends before we do.

• Fortesa Latifi, This Is How We Find Each Other “I Am Still Learning How to Do the Easy Things”

It’s a mad mad world

People are people
they can’t be anyone
anyone can be people
and then i see no meaning

They taught us things
now things aren’t even those things
masks are falling off
and how rapidly
not even one could I catch
I would have tried
to be what they say
you can’t ever be

for every evil is evil
and good is evil
why not be the evil
than not being any

It’s a mad mad world
their voices
they think are sacred chants
never realized
their temple bells
stink of bloodied hands

Blood that cycles
with pain and cramps
gives life to monsters
as well as how they said
he is a man
all they die
the same death
it’s the blood
that bears the name
of spots, strains and wreath

It’s a mad mad world
they said God made it
wrote books
called them legends
Named him ‘He’
for She was the truth
they had to hide
If I am to tell you
a secret
I call her She
and sometimes
I forget the God
I am to say God
and almost it sounds Gdo
or Dgo
like I fell from sacredness
to callousness
but every night
in every ‘ness’
I visit the same God
without name
sans thought

It’s a mad mad world
pinches to live in
they have made homes
say they’re shelters
all false
all false
they’re never ending walls
but all false
If I am to say
for once be at a madhouse
raw and real
in the end
It’s a mad mad world

and it’s never
going to make sense
born in a fence
they kill you
in the fence

It’s a mad mad world.