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The picture of tomorrow

There will be a day when you will count on all that you have and try to figure out what all is lost. May be you want to do this today, here and now. But either you are scared to face it or you lie to yourself that you have much better things to do. But nothing will be better than knowing why is everything happening the way it is. Now, don’t tell yourself it is destiny, know, that everything is a mirror to your choices. The man who loved you and you had not loved him back, those moments when you could go and simply tell your mother that she is the most hard working woman you have ever seen, when you could sit and eat dinner with your family rather than your computers, when you could have spent money on your siblings rather than your rich boyfriend, when you could have taken out a few minutes for your grandfather and listen to whatever he wanted to share, when you could have smiled a little more, loved a better heart. Is it not better to seize the moment and look around than looking back after years of joys and sorrows, gains and losses? Things you do not do now, will accompany you till you realize that you have lost the opportunity to live in that moment. More the sense of loss, greater will be the regret. Imagine a day after 20 years from now when you get up to find love and all you see around is a long contact list in your phone, a royal house or a luxury car or a day when you realise that whatever you did was just because you wanted people to know you and in all this you lost what you knew about yourself or a day when you will know that all those people you were running behind actually did not deserve a second of your life or a day when you realise that you never understood the exact definition of success, glory, love and laughter. It sounds simple today, but nothing would be worst than this tomorrow. Life is too long to realise some day that you have not lived it enough.