Absent Presence

“It all began three years back from today when he saw love everywhere and she in him only. The first time when they had talked it was all so mesmerizing to her that she a lot of times did not understand what meaning his words held, she was just drowning in the decibels of his enthralling voice. She was completely drunk on the picture of her being a muse to him. Her illusions took seat from the words he used to sew promises with. His promises became a world and this world her home. Now there was no looking back for her because she had now traveled the most ardent road. They talked for hours and she would send bubbles of care and love to him every second. She once asked him, “What am I to you?” He had said not a single word. She knew he did not say because he wanted her to know through his heart. She never asked him why he did never answer her questions and why he had never told her that he loved him. Why he never gave this love a name, she had never questioned. Because her faith spoke to her that every moment in this love was pious and beautiful. The story of petals turned into thorns when she began listening to what she said about him and not what he said. The faith she could speak to spoke only on her behalf and not him. When she had asked what she was to him and he had uttered not even a single word, maybe he had meant nothing. And what took her life were not these illusions, but that she could never walk out of them. She could not leave her home she thought he lived in. She was left alone not by him but by the virtue of her love that made her unexpectedly insane.”


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